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Version 10.1.0 Out Now

MDaemon version 10.1.0 is a point release of one of the most popular Exchange alternatives among small business communities today. This release builds on the improvements introduced in version 10.

Further improvements to Worldclient

A new and substantially faster loading, better handling WYSIWYG editor has been added to all of the desktop themes compose views. The new editor supports all previous features as well as adding the ability to preview content in an external browser as well as print the message body's contents. The new editor also includes enhanced security features to help prevent cross site scripting (XSS) attacks. This editor has some exciting extensions and WorldClient will be enhanced to take advantage of them soon.

Remote image blocking has been added to the arsenal of anti-spam tools in the MDaemon package. Sites and spammers looking to harvest valid email addresses will no longer have their remote images loaded when the message is viewed unless the user clicks on the bar above the message to load remote images.

Many usability improvements have also been included in the "LookOut" theme.

Improved Spamfilter Update Process

The Spam Filter updating process now has the ability to pull updates direct from the Spamassassin website in addition to updates from Alt-N. The Spam Filter update UI has a new checkbox which controls this capability.


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