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Faxing as Easy as Email

Faxing as a Network Function

RelayFax integrates faxing into your computer network. It sends and receives facsimiles using personal computers and almost any email server - especially MDaemon.

If your computer facsimile equipment connects to a network - and these days much of it does - you can send and receive faxes with all the convenience of email.

Instead of picking up your fax at a machine, it comes to your email inbox as a message from RelayFax.

In place of printing and faxing a document, you send it through RelayFax from your word processor, spreadsheet or almost any other application, including your scanner software.

With RelayFax, multiple users can share fax equipment connected to LANs, WANs and even the Internet. While your fax machine might be in Tokyo, you can access it from anywhere via RelayFax.

RelayFax makes faxing as easy as email.

Why Use RelayFax

  • Client-Server Design: One server can send and receive facsimiles for dozens or hundreds of clients worldwide.
  • Flexible Sizing: RelayFax scales well from small installations to large multi-server applications.
  • OCR Support: OCR technology enables RelayFax to read and decode recipient names, then deliver faxes via email. OCR also converts faxes to editable documents.
  • Easy and Professional: While RelayFax is designed for enterprises with few or no trained IT personnel, it also has all of the professional controls for configuring large or specialized applications.
  • Terminal Services: RelayFax client, server and OCR software can be configured and operated through Terminal Services.
  • Hardware Diversity: RelayFax works with multiple fax hardware from numerous manufacturers, including BrookTrout and Dialogic boards. Support includes dial up access, ISDN (CAPI 2) and DID.
  • Speed: Sending and receiving at high facsimile hardware speeds, RelayFax is as fast as printing and emailing from the user's point of view.
  • Quality and Accuracy: RelayFax can operate using the industry-standard error correction mode (ECM).
  • Delivery Format Diversity: You can select from a number of delivery formats, including TIFF, PNG and PDF.
  • MDaemon Contact Lists: RelayFax uses MDaemon contact lists.
  • Web Mail Interface: Faxes can be sent and received through the MDaemon web mail client.
  • Multilingual: The RelayFax client is available in more than a dozen localizations and the server is localized in English and German.
  • Ease of use: RelayFax combines professional features with beginner ease-of-use.
  • Sensible Economy: RelayFax offers professional features with small enterprise licensing and pricing policies.

Who Uses RelayFax

  • Small and large businesses
  • Law offices
  • Insurance companies
  • Hospitals and doctor offices
  • Government agencies
  • Individuals

Four Ways of Sending

Users have four ways of sending documents using RelayFax:

  • Create an email and send it to a RelayFax email account (fax@relayfax.net, for example).
  • Add an attachment to an email and send it to a RelayFax account.
  • Open the RelayFax client on a computer, enter a message and send it to a RelayFax account.
  • Print a document from any application using the RelayFax Printer Driver. This emails a faxable copy of the document to a RelayFax account.


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