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MDaemon Mailserver

MDaemon Mailserver V9 is due to be released in March 2006

MDaemon development continues at its usual rapid rate. Version 9 will be a significant new release aimed at improving performance and providing new features based on feedback from customers. Version 9 is due sometime in March 2006 and prices are expected to rise for this version.

MDaemon V9 planned new features

  • Improved Imap/Outlook Connector Performance (MDaemon PRO only)

    MDaemon's IMAP server will make much better use of multiple threads and multiple CPUs to provide better performance and responsiveness. This should provide noticeable performance improvements for IMAP and Outlook Connector users.
  • Improved Antispam Performance (MDaemon PRO only)

    MDaemon's antispam system will run as a separate daemon which MDaemon will 'feed' messages to using TCP/IP. This should provide significant spam filtering performance improvements on busy servers - and will even allow for the spam filtering work to be handed off to another process on a seperate PC.
  • Improved Content Filter and Antivirus Performance

    MDaemon's content filter and antivirus processing will also by fully multi-threaded and will process many messages simultaneously rather than one at a time sequentially as in current/previous versions. This will provide significant performance improvements on busy servers.
  • Improved Groupware Support for 'Pocket PC' PDA Users (MDaemon PRO only)

    WorldClient's 'Pocket PC' theme will provide access to your WorldClient contacts, tasks and calendar folders in addition to the email folders that are already accessible. Windows Pocket PC 2003 OS or higher will be required for full functionality.
  • Active Directory Monitoring (MDaemon PRO Only)

    MDaemon will be able to monitor a Windows Active Directory and create, edit, or disable associated email accounts. This will provide for a much better level of integration with existing Windows networks.
  • Free/Busy Server to Improve Groupware Capabilities (MDaemon PRO only)

    WorldClient will include a 'Free/Busy' server which will greatly improve meeting and appointment scheduling. WorldClient's appointment dialog will now include a Schedule link that will allow you to schedule meetings while referring to other user's schedules. An Auto-Pick next meeting feature will allow you to query the server for the next free time that all attendees will be able to attend.

    WorldClient's Free/Busy server will also be compatible with Microsoft Outlook providing Outlook Connector users with similar meeting scheduling features.
  • Integrated Sync-ML Server (MDaemon PRO only)

    An important new component, this will provide support for a new 3rd party PDA 'push' gateway that will be aimed at providing similar features to a Blackberry Enterprise gateway for most types of popular PDA.
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