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What's New in Camtasia Studio 4

Share with Anyone, Anywhere

We live in a mobile world, and Camtasia Studio 4 helps you keep pace by making it easy to publish videos and MP3 files for portable media players. Now your message, lecture, or just-in-time training video can reach your audience practically anywhere - on the bus, in a coffee shop, or while they're jogging. Camtasia Studio videos are designed to share.

Give Your Audience Playback Choices

Sometimes it's hard to predict what your viewers will need. Will they watch your videos on a laptop? Or would they prefer an MP3 or iPod video file to take along? Now you can stop guessing and give your audience a variety of options. Choose the primary file format you want, then add iPod and/or MP3 to the production list, and even attach a PowerPoint presentation. Then, produce them all at once.

Seamless Publishing through Integration with Screencast.com

Camtasia Studio 4 provides a fully functional screening space for your videos. Directly from within the production wizard, you can publish videos to Screencast.com, where others can easily view your content. Screencast.com has built-in RSS and iTunes functionality, so you can deliver videos directly to your viewer's desktop or portable media player. With this seamless integration between Camtasia Studio and Screencast.com, sharing your videos, screencasts, and more, is just a click away.

No More Background Noise

Even in "reasonably quiet" conference rooms, offices and classrooms, unwanted room noise can seep into your recordings, making them sound less than perfect. Camtasia Studio 4 can edit out background noise to drastically improve the quality of your video. Either choose one of the many presets to automatically remove the noise, or manually select the noisy portion of the timeline. Then, Camtasia Studio will identify this sound pattern in your recording and remove it across the entire audio track.

Equalize Volume Levels

It's easy to speak too softly or sit too far from your microphone during recording. It's also common to experience volume variations when two or more voices are being recorded. Camtasia Studio 4 can remove volume variations across the timeline to ensure consistently good sound throughout your video. Advanced users can manually control volume ratio, threshold and gain.

Compare Results before Producing

Have you seen Camtasia Studio's perfect-quality Flash SWF or new Flash Video (FLV) files? How about the incredible results of QuickTime's H.264 compression? With so many choices, it can be difficult to decide which is best for your situation. Camtasia Studio's new production preview feature lets you explore options beforehand and quickly compare the results of different formats and compression settings.

It's Your Video - Customize It!

Choose from a variety of playback bars and Flash pre-loaders to create a presentation that's just right for you. And, Adobe Flash users can access our source files to easily customize our pre-loaders.

Faster and Easier than Ever

Survey your viewers

Camtasia Studio 4 lets you add open-ended survey questions to your videos to engage viewers and gather feedback. Quizzes and surveys are now also easier to create and more professional in appearance.

View and adjust audio volume

An audio volume indicator and an Audio Setup Wizard make it easier to choose the best audio settings for your needs.

Produce in three clicks or less

Eight production presets, based on the settings and file formats people use most often, let you publish videos quickly for the Web, iPod and portable media players. Edit the presets or create new ones to use repeatedly or share with others.

Move on from PowerPoint - fast

PowerPoint recordings created with Camtasia Studio 4 are processed almost instantaneously, so you can finish your presentation and move on to something else.

Narrate as long as you need to

Extend any frame of a previously recorded video, and take your time adding narration or concluding remarks.

Callouts automatically resize to fit

Have a lot to say in your callouts? Now Camtasia Studio will automatically resize your callouts to fit your text.


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