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WebAdmin is included with MDaemon 9.0 and beyond

WebAdmin is a FREE plug-in for MDaemon which provides the ability to administer almost every single function of MDaemon through a very slick web interface. This latest version is a completely new product replacing previous versions of WebAdmin and represents a huge step forward - in fact, we're confident that many people will now actually prefer administering their MDaemon server through WebAdmin rather than the normal MDaemon GUI, especially as it can be done from anywhere! WebAdmin 3.0 now also supports SSL connections allowing administrators secure access to manage their MDaemon server and uses it's own web server engine so doesn't require IIS.

It's also worth noting that WebAdmin supports 3 levels of access privileges for users:

  • Global Administrator - access to all available MDaemon features
  • Domain Administrator - ability to configure pruning options and mailing lists, aliases and users for the domain.
  • Normal users - ability to access their own account options (available options can be configured on a per user basis within MDaemon's main GUI)

Important Note: WebAdmin generally requires the latest version of MDaemon to be installed.


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