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MDaemon features

Please note that some of the features described are only applicable to the PRO version of MDaemon. To see a list of the features that are specific to the Pro version click here. Please also note that the AntiVirus plug-in and the Outlook Connector plug-in are seperate add-ons for MDaemon which need to be purchased seperately. The Outlook Connector plug-in, replaces the previous GroupWare plug-in for MDaemon.

MDaemon provides easy control of your corporate email services   [Top]

Would you prefer not to have to contact your ISP everytime you want to make a change to any of your email accounts? Would you like to reduce your ISP costs and simplify the accounts you have with them? Do you need better control of email aliases and lists? Would you like to be able to configure your own auto-responders and email forwarding on a per account basis? Would you like centralised scanning for viruses and spam at the server before they reach your staff desktops? MDaemon gives you complete control over your organisation's email - the most important communication tool you've got!

MDaemon can be used with dial-up, ISDN, broadband or private circuits   [Top]

Complete support for DomainPOP mail collection means you can use MDaemon even if you only have a single modem connection and POP3 account with your ISP. As your Internet connectivity improved and your email requirements grow, MDaemon will grow with you - full support for true inbound/outbound SMTP delivery means you won't need to replace MDaemon in the future.

MDaemon supports multiple mail collection methods   [Top]

As well as full support for acceptance of directly delivered SMTP email, MDaemon can also optionally collect email from one or more catch-all POP3 accounts for redistribution. Alternatively each MDaemon account can be configured to collect email from one or multiple external POP3 accounts. MDaemon also offers full support for ATRN and ETRN dequeuing mechanisms where SMTP delivery-on-demand services are offered.

MDaemon has low platform requirements   [Top]

A common misconception is that it's expensive and complex to install your own email server. MDaemon can be installed on ANY Windows PC (except the original release of Win95) - it doesn't require a Microsoft Server platform at all - our recommended platforms are actually Windows 2000 PRO or Windows XP PRO. Running MDaemon on your network does not require additional Microsoft CALs (client access licences) saving a fortune in licencing costs.

MDaemon is easy to install, configure, use and administer   [Top]

MDaemon has been designed with the end user in mind. Anyone with the minimum amount of PC knowledge will be able to install, configure and administer MDaemon. A typical installation/configuration can be done by a new user in 30 minutes providing you have the appropriate information from your ISP.

Anyone that's been scared off by the complexity of backing up a Microsoft Exchange server will be relieved to know that backing up an MDaemon server is simply a case of making a back-up copy of the 'C:\MDaemon' folder. All settings are stored in easy to read text files so should something go wrong, it's generally very easy to fix. MDaemon can also be configured to automatically back up all configuration files each night.

MDaemon AntiVirus offers reliable virus protection   [Top]

Viruses are most commonly received via email. MDaemon AntiVirus is an easy to install plug-in for MDaemon that will automate the detection of viruses on all email through the MDaemon server. Once installed, it will automatically keep itself up-to-date with the latest virus signatures from Kaspersky labs (http://www.kaspersky.com) each day without further intervention. It's also very easy to configure to take various actions upon detection of a virus such as notifying the postmaster/recipient/sender, removing the virus and deleting or quarantining the email etc. MDaemon AntiVirus is available for purchase as a plug-in for MDaemon, further information is available here.

MDaemon offers powerful spam filtering   [Top]

MDaemon Pro incorporates the very latest antispam features available based on SpamAssassin technology. It uses a sophisticated set of heuristic 'common sense' rules to build a score for email based on the message contents. Messages that then exceed a user configurable threshold can be flagged as being potential spam allowing further actions to take place such as bounce, delete, flag or divert. Further enhancing the heuristic rules technology is the ability to use 'Bayesian learning' so that spam that is missed or incorrectly flagged can be used to teach the server so that it will improve and adapt specifically to the spam that your own users receive. Correctly configured, this technology can typically pick up well over 90% of spam and is a vital tool in the war against it.

'White' and 'Black' lists also give administrators the ability to over-ride emails based on where they originated from or are being sent to. Many servers include some antispam features, but MDaemon was the first Windows product to include so many and to make them so accessible to end users.

MDaemon combats spoofed emails   [Top]

MDaemon offers a number of advanced features for combating the increasing problem of spoofed emails - an important asset in the war against unwanted spam. On top of basic features that stop local users' accounts being hijacked, MDaemon also has powerful reverse look-up checks on incoming connections such as Reverse PTR record lookups, HELO checks and domain validation checks. MDaemon also includes powerful support for Realtime Black List checks.

Finally, MDaemon Pro also provides innovative new technologies for sender verification checks based on the Sender Policy Framework (SPF) and DomainKeys. MDaemon was the first Windows based mail server to provide these advanced facilities to end users.

MDaemon includes built in groupware functions   [Top]

MDaemon Pro includes a full and comprehensive set of groupware features providing users with the ability to access Calendars, Contact folders and Tasks folders through a slick web based interface. Access to these folders can be shared and permissions easily configured to provide a complete corporate solution.

The Outlook Connector plug-in for MDaemon unlocks Outlook's collaborative features without Exchange Server   [Top]

Why not unlock the collaborative functions of Microsoft Outlook when using MDaemon as the mail server platform by installing the Outlook Connector plug-in. This powerful addition allows Outlook users to share all folder types without the expense or expertise required by Microsoft's Exchange Server. As well as allowing users to share certain Outlook folders, it is also very straightforward for an administrator to create company or department wide shared folders. The Outlook Connector plug-in is available for purchase for MDaemon PRO, further information is available here.

MDaemon's security features outstrip the competition   [Top]

A massive set of security features allow you to control exactly who can and cannot use your mail server to send and receive email - increasingly important with the increased use of permanent broadband connections.

Here are a few of them:-

  • Powerful mail-relay control including tarpitting and reverse look-up validation
  • Email address supression allows you to block email from unwanted senders
  • IP and host screening allows you to control which servers you will or won't accept email from
  • IP shielding can check the validity of an IP address against a sender's email address
  • SMTP authentication and 'POP before SMTP' further reduce the risk of open relaying
  • SSL encryption for WorldClient/POP3/SMTP/IMAP services allows for secure encryption of your email traffic

Powerful, comprehensive and yet easy to use, account management   [Top]

MDaemon offers a straightforward interface to a powerful set of features when it comes to managing the accounts you create for your staff. Here are a few examples of the features offered:-

  • Quotas and restrictions possible on a per account basis to limit number of messages and/or disk space usage
  • Inbound and outbound email restrictions on a per account basis
  • Per account restrictions to access services such as webmail and advanced account settings
  • Easy to append standard disclaimers to all or some emails
  • Simple account importing/exporting
  • Account database options include flat text file, LDAP source or ODBC.
  • Powerful email address aliasing supported
  • Easy to configure account forwarding and auto-responders
  • Per domain and per service bandwidth throttling allow you to manage the connectivity resources used by your email

IMAP service offers centralised and shared email   [Top]

MDaemon PRO includes a full IMAP service allowing email to be centralised on the server with email clients such as Outlook or Outlook Express synchronising with the server using IMAP rather pulling mail off the server using POP3. This allows shared email folders to be created with multiple people managing emails to a single address such as sales@ or support@. Sharing email also opens up possibilities such as a PA monitoring an MD's email for example, although powerful per-user folder privileges mean that security can be controlled easily.

MDaemon incorporates WorldClient webmail interface   [Top]

MDaemon incorporates WorldClient - a powerful webmail interface that allows users to send/receive emails through any web browser including the ability for them to also manage their account settings. This feature is ideal for 'roaming' users in places such as schools and colleges and can also provide remote access to email for users when outside the company (dependent on Internet connectivity to the MDaemon server and an appropriate firewall set-up).

MDaemon supports all standard email clients   [Top]

MDaemon is a fully standards compliant SMTP/POP3/IMAP server and so client PCs can use any standard email client to access their email. Examples are Outlook, Outlook Express, Eudora, Pegasus etc.

While MDaemon requires a Windows based PC to be hosted on, client PCs can be running any operating system providing support for TCP/IP. A good example of this is an Apple Mac based environment where email is supported by a seperate MDaemon server running on a dedicated Windows PC, as long as the Macs support TCP/IP networking and can run a standard email client, there is no problem.

Additional advanced features   [Top]

  • Multiple domain support - MDaemon PRO offers the ability to manage multiple domains independently allowing an MDaemon server to act as an email host for multiple organisations - ideal for a shared workcentre or multi-company enterprised for example.
  • Content filtering - MDaemon incorporates a powerful rules based content filtering engine that is fully configurable to enable automatic actions based upon defined criteria. It also includes the ability to restrict file attachments to certain types further enhancing the protection offered by the AntiVirus engine.
  • List serving - Mailing lists provide an extremely powerful way to manage communications between a large number of recipients. Create a mailing list for your suppliers to invite bids, for your customers to keep them up to date, or internally for departments to liaise with each other.
  • Gateways - MDaemon can act as a gateway for other mail servers perhaps providing it's advanced features to an existing server that doesn't incorporate them or acting as the Internet facing server to a group of internally connected servers within a corporate Wide Area Network.
  • Email catalogues - configure your server so that files can be automatically be sent on demand. This can be very useful in a support environment for example.
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