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Outbound SMS

To send an SMS message, users just have to compose an email and send it to their MDaemon server, at which point the SMS Gateway for MDaemon will take the message, remove any HTML formatting and will then send it, as an SMS message, to the specified recipient.

The following schematic shows how an outbound SMS message is converted from an email and then SMS'd to the appropriate recipient.

Outbound SMSWhen installing SMS Gateway you will be asked to specify a dedicated mailbox and sub-domain for the SMS gateway to use (both of these will be created for you by the SMS Gateway).

There are four different 'methods' that users can use to send SMS messages out using their normal email client - these methods take the form of four different email formats as shown below:-

  • Send an email to firstname.lastname@sms.xyzdomain.com
  • Send an email to 0771234567890@sms.xyzdomain.com
  • Send an email to sms@xyzdomain.com with a subject of: 0771234567890
  • Send an email to 0771234567890 <sms@xyzdomain.com>

The above assumes that the MDaemon 'Primary Domain' is xyzdomain.com, that the dedicated mailbox and sub-domain configured in the SMS gateway software will be sms@xyzdomain.com and sms.xyzdomain.com respectively and that the recipient's mobile number is 0771234567890.

Using the first method or format, the user's mobile number will be taken from SMS gateway's central address book of configured users.

The Administrator will generally enter users' mobile numbers when the SMS Gateway user is created. However, if the number is not available in the central phonebook, SMS Gateway for MDaemon will send an email back to the sender asking them to specify the number in the subject line. The sender simply needs to reply to the message specifying the number and SMS Gateway for MDaemon will store it in the central phonebook and send the SMS.

The sender can send an email message to firstname.lastname@sms.xyzdomain.com specifying the mobile number of the recipient/user in the subject line. In this case the mobile number will automatically be used to update the central phonebook.


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