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SMS Gateway key features

SMS Gateway SMS Gateway for MDaemon is an email-to-SMS and SMS-to-email gateway. It works together with MDaemon (Standard and Pro).

Features are grouped by areas:


Outbound SMS
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In order to send SMS, users simply write an email to the gateway: the body of the email is sent as an SMS to the specified recipient. The "To:" field of the email sent to the gateway can have different formats.

Inbound SMS
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Incoming SMS messages are parsed by the gateway, looking for the nicknames associated to the users. If the SMS begins with one of the known nicknames, its content is sent to the appropriate user as an email. If no nickname is found, the email will be sent to the default user.

Flash SMS
Flash SMS are messages that will open immediately on the receiving phone, without user interaction. Usually when you get a SMS, you see an icon on the display that notifies you got a new message; then you have to read that message. Flash messages show the content immediately on the phone, as soon as they arrive. To send a Flash SMS with SMS Gateway for MDaemon is easy: just send email with high priority. Flash SMS are the best solution to communicate urgent information.

Send confirmation
If you wish SMS Gateway for MDaemon to inform you if a message has been successfully sent to the recipient, you can request a send confirmation which will be delivered to you via email. Send confirmation lets you know if the message has been delivered to the recipient or if an error occurred. To request a send confirmation is easy: just put the word "confirm" in the subject of the email you have to send. If you don't like the word "confirm", the administrator may configure SMS Gateway for MDaemon to use another word.
Moreover the administrator may configure a single user so that he will receive a send confirmation every time, without having to specify the word in the subject.



Users are those who can send and receive SMS through the gateway; addresses can be other users or external recipients. Users can either be inserted manually or imported from MDaemon, from one or more domain.

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Users can send SMS to other users of SMS Gateway for MDaemon or to external recipients.
In the first instance it is not necessary that the sender knows the mobile number of the addressee, as it can be stored in the central phonebook.
Rights can be granted to users in order to limit the ability to send SMS to users and/or to external recipients and to modify central phonebook.

Limiting the number of SMS per user
The Administrator may specify a maximum number of SMS messages per user. Every time the user sends an SMS their count will be decremented; when the counter reaches zero, the user will no longer be able to send SMS messages.



SMS Gateway for MDaemon must be installed on the same machine as MDaemon and will run as system service.

Devices tested
Please check the list of devices here that have successfully been tested so far. With respect to hardware requirements, SMS Gateway for MDaemon should run with any GSM device that is ETSI compliant.

SMS Gateway for MDaemon Configuration features a wizard that will pop up automatically first time you access the application. It will help you in carrying out the basic steps required to configure SMS Gateway for MDaemon.
After first launch, you can run the Wizard at any time, double clicking on the icon in the left hand menu or expanding the Tools item of the main menu.

Multiple domain support
This feature enables SMS Gateway for MDaemon to handle users bound to different domains but with the same username: name@domain1.com and name@domain2.com.
Such features make SMS Gateway for MDaemon a good choice for larger companies which may own multiple domain names.

Log files
Sending SMS is a cost which must be monitored: starting with SMS Gateway for MDaemon 2.0 a new log file is available; it stores all the information about all the outgoing SMS (who sent the SMS, the recipient's number, the sending result, date and time).
All information about incoming SMS are stored in another file. All phone numbers have the last three digits cut off in order to preserve privacy.
You can import such log files into your favourite spreadsheet or database software in order to analyse and monitor your budget.



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