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General features that WorldClient provides

  • Web based access to the following types of folders: Email, Calendars, Contacts, Tasks
  • Permissions based sharing of User folders
  • Permissions based sharing of Public folders
  • Inbuilt spell checker for emails
  • Multi-language support
  • Support for multiple themes and styles
  • PDA and WAP phones supported
  • Integrated HTML based user help interface
  • Ability to optionally allow guest users to create new accounts
  • Microsoft Outlook client integration (requires Outlook Connector to be installed and licenced on the MDaemon server)
  • ComAgent Instant Messaging (IM) and notification client
  • Support for sending faxes from WorldClient when using RelayFax
  • WorldClient includes an integrated HTTP server, however it can be configured to run under Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS) 5 or 6.

System requirements

  • MDaemon Pro 8.0 onwards (note that some features are available in earlier versions of MDaemon and MDaemon Standard)
  • Supported browsers: Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox (latest version of each recommended)

Protocols used

  • IMAP for email access
  • Authenticated SMTP for email sending
  • Modified IMAP for Calendars, Contacts and Task folders

Email folder options

  • HTML message view/compose
  • Inbuilt spell checker
    • Multilingual support
    • Check before send/Ignore caps/Ignore mixed digits
    • Personal dictionary words
  • Customisable message signature
  • Configurable server side filtering rules
  • Search facility (message headers and/or message content)
  • Auto-responder ('out of office') options
    • Enable/disable auto-responder
    • Set response text
    • Configure start/stop schedule
  • Forwarding options
    • Enable/disable forwarding
    • Configurable forwarding address
    • Option to retain local copy of forwarded messages
  • Advanced compose options
    • Selectable 'From' address
    • CC option
    • Configurable 'Reply-To' header
    • BCC option
  • Reply, Reply to all, Forward, Forward as attachment
  • Message preview pane (bottom/right)
  • Print message
  • View message source
  • View Previous/Next/Next unread message
  • Sort messages by Email address, Subject, Date, Size
  • Options to specify Urgent message, Request Delivery Confirmation, Read Notification
  • Send now/Send Later (saves to Drafts folders)
  • Configurable special folders (Drafts, Sent Items, Deleted Items)
  • Option to save sent messages
  • Address book options
    • Add sender to personal contacts
    • Automatically add reply recipients to personal contacts
  • Message listing preferences (configurable by the user)
    • Configurable default sort option
    • Configurable name format (show by 'Name', 'Email, 'Both')
    • Configurable message deletion option (IMAP flag as deleted or Move to 'Deleted Items' folder)
    • Option to hide messages marked as IMAP deleted
    • Option to empty 'Deleted items' folder on exit
    • Configurable value for message list refresh time (also sets send/receive schedule)
    • Configurable value for messages viewed per page
    • Configurable default view mode for multipart messages (plain text or HTML)
    • Option to view messages in a new window or preview pane
    • Option to list inline displayed attachments along with standard attachments

Folder Options

  • Folder management (Create, Delete, Rename, Move)
  • Subscribe/Unsubscribe from folders
  • Configurable default personal folders (Calendar, Contacts, Tasks)

Contact folder options

  • Comprehensive details stored for each contact
    • Name (First, Middle, Last)
    • Company
    • Job title
    • Email (up to 3)
    • Phone (Business, Home Mobile, Page, IP phone)
    • Web page (home and business)
    • Fax (business, home)
    • IM address (MSM, Skype etc)
    • Address (business, home)
    • Work department, office, manager's name, assistant's name
    • Nick name
    • Spouse/Partner's name
    • Comments
    • Multiple options for contact categorisation
  • Sort contacts by Email, Name or Comment
  • Contact listing preferences (configurable by the user)
    • Configurable default contacts folder to view
    • Configurable value for contacts per page

Task folder options

  • Comprehensive task tracking
    • Subject
    • Due date
    • Status
    • Start date
    • Priority
    • % Complete
    • Send email reminder (specify date and time for reminder)
    • Task description
    • Set as private task
    • Multiple options for task categorisation
  • Sort task view by Subject, Due date, Status, % Complete

Calendar folder options

  • Comprehensive calendar support
    • Subject
    • Location
    • Colour coded labeling of entries
    • Start date/time
    • End date/time
    • Option to specify all day event
    • Optional email reminder
    • Option to set priority
    • Option to show time as Busy/Free/Tentative/Out of Office
    • Comments/Notes
    • Multiple options for task categorisation
    • Option to set as private entry
    • Send iCalendar invitations to attendees
    • Full support for recurring entries (range and pattern)
  • Day, Week or Month view
  • Go to Today button
  • Print calendar button
  • Preferences
    • Option to display using AM/PM or 24hr format
    • Configurable default view mode (Day, Week, Month)
    • Option to always add iCalendar attachments within emails to calendar
    • Import from and export to CSV file

Integrated HTTP web server details

  • Optional SSL support
  • Ability to create and use self signed certificates, or use SSL certificates already registered on the server
  • Configurable service port
  • Configurable maximum concurrent sessions
  • Configurable session timeout when composing messages
  • Configurable session timeout when not composing messages
  • Option to use HTTP compression
  • HTML template caching
  • Cookies used to store certain user preferences
  • Option to require IP persistence through session
  • Option to bind to specific interfaces
  • Optional support for running WorldClient under Microsoft Internet Information Server

Per domain configuration for

  • Option to allow meetings to be created without specifying a location
  • Configurable default first day of week
  • Add iCalendar events found within emails to user's calendars
  • Enable/disable email reminders
  • Set default language
  • Set default theme
  • Set default date format
  • Enable/disable option to allow guest users to create new accounts
  • Default messages per page value
  • Default message list refresh frequency
  • Save message to 'Sent Items' folder
  • Display time using AM/PM or 24 hr format
  • Compose messages in new browser window
  • Empty trash on exit
  • Use advanced compose
  • Enable ComAgent support
  • Enable Instant Message (IM) in ComAgent
  • Log all IM traffic in ComAgent at the server
  • Allow IM buddies in ComAgent from all domains
  • User HTML editor when composing new messages
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