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MDaemon vs MS Exchange

The combination of MDaemon and MDaemon Outlook Connector offers an attractive alternative to Microsoft's market leading email and collaboration solution, Exchange Server. For many companies and organizations Microsoft's solution may be "overkill" with its complex functionality and operating system requirements. The main advantages of MDaemon over Exchange are:

  • Quicker deployment and easier administration
  • MDaemon can be installed and deployed much faster and requires less in-depth knowledge and certification requirements than Microsoft's software. Administration and maintainance is easier which leads to significant long-term cost savings.

  • Lower hardware and software costs
  • Licencing costs for MDaemon are lower than those for Exchange, especially on larger installations. MDaemon also uses less system resources and does not require a Windows Server operating system. This leads to a lower cost of ownership in terms of both hardware and software.

  • Built-in email security to stop virus, spam and phishing
  • MDaemon includes the world's most advanced technologies to stop viruses, spam and phishing. MDaemon was the first email server to integrate SPF, DKIM (Domain Keys Identified Mail) and SMTP-inline virus scanning. Exchange Server requires 3rd party solutions to achieve the same level of email security.

  • Easy backup and restore
  • MDaemon stores most of its settings on disk instead of in the registry and in Active Directory, so it is very easy to move an MDaemon installation from one server to another, or to restore a crashed setup.

  • Support for other web browsers than MS Internet Explorer
  • Many companies and organisations are abandoning Microsoft's web browser Internet Explorer because of its many known vulnerabilities. MDaemon's WebMail and WebAdmin provides support for many other web browsers, including Mozilla Firefox.

Smart complementary Software for MDaemon

MDaemon and Outlook Connector can be enhanced with plug-ins such as AntiVirus for MDaemon which stops viruses at the door, before they reach the workstations where they can cause untold damage; with Archive Server for MDaemon which archives all emails and makes it easy for users and administrators to locate past emails; with WebAdmin which provides comprehensive server and account administration through a web browser; with RelayFax which allows users to send and receive faxes from their desktop.

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