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SecurityGateway for Exchange/SMTP Servers

Comprehensive protection for your Exchange/SMTP Server

Security Admin Reporting

Admin Features Overview

Providing effective email protection doesn't have to be time consuming.

Setup of SecurityGateway is designed to be simple to implement, with a a single installation file containing everything you'll need to get up and running in a matter of minutes.

An easy to use, Web based control panel ensures you are in complete control, regardless of your location, and in most scenarios, SecurityGateway will adds users automatically, keeping ongoing maintenance to an absolute minimum.

Admin Features Summary

Simple Installation

Be up and running in minutes. SecurityGateway requires only a few basic configuration details such as the first email domain name. Accounts are added automatically in almost all installations.

Intuitive Web Based Control Panel

SecurityGateway is 100% Web based for greater flexibility, and an intuitive interface design produces an easy-to-use understanding of features, configuration options and settings.

Per user/per Domain Controls

SecurityGateway's per user and per domain options enable administrators to delegate responsibility for the editing, configuration and reporting for specific domains without having to grant server-wide access.

In addition, user level features also include:

  • Individual Whitelists and Blacklists
  • Individual Message Logs
  • Individual Quarantine Management

Automatic Domain and User Creation

Domains can be added automatically from verified and trusted email servers enabling practically hands-free maintenance of the domain and user base.

Individual Quarantine Emails

Users can opt to receive periodic summary emails of any messages sent to them that have been trapped in the quarantine. A one-click, Web based system enables users to quickly review, and then accept or reject mesaages from within their mail client at the touch of a button.

Automatic Periodic Backup

Periodic backups can be scheduled to prevent loss of the gateway data, including the logs and graphical reports. The system can keep all backups or only a specified number of recent backups. Message files, if available, are kept in the backup as well.

Message Management

By viewing the message log, an administrator can see a list of all messages processed, along with information about the status of each message delivered, quarantined, rejected and why. This information can also be used for fine-tuning the filters.

Defense Layer Customization

A unique control that allows global administrators the flexibility to prioritize the order of operations of SecurityGateway for Exchange/SMTP's multiple security features. Simple up and down arrows within the easy-to-use interface enable an administrator to change the order in which a specific security rule will execute when analyzing incoming or outgoing email traffic. This technique can result in faster processing of email by allowing the rejection or quarantine of messages at the earliest point during processing.

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