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SecurityGateway for Exchange/SMTP Servers

Comprehensive protection for your Exchange/SMTP Server

Security Admin Reporting

Security Features Overview

Alt-N Technologies has incorporated over 10 years of mail server technology expertise to develop an email security firewall for users of any SMTP email server.

SecurityGateway for Exchange/ SMTP incorporates defense layers that deliver comprehensive protection at the edge of your network to prevent spam, phishing, viruses, and other threats to your email communications.

Built upon the industry standard SIEVE mail filtering language, SecurityGateway for Exchange/SMTP offers performance and flexibility in managing inbound and outbound email traffic.

Security Features Summary

Anti-Spam Tools

SecurityGateway for Exchange/SMTP contains multiple cutting edge tools to help control unwanted email. While no single tool detects all spam, their combined capabilities can reduce the flood of un-wanted messages to a trickle, without hindering the flow of legitimate communications.

Spam detection features include:

Outbreak Protection (ProtectionPlus add-on required)

By monitoring massive, worldwide outbreaks of new messages on the Internet, Outbreak Protection can automatically identify spam within minutes and sometimes within seconds of its release.

Heuristic and Bayesian engines

Heuristics and Bayesian filtering takes advantage of your input to provide a tuned and personalised defense layer. By flagging messages as either spam or legitimate mail, this technology learns to automatically accept or reject messages based on your personal preferences.

DNS and URI Blocklists

Use numerous trusted databases to quickly identify and block messages sent from or through email servers that are 'open relays' or known as spammers.


This feature delays message acceptance from unknown senders by telling the sending email server to 'try again later'. In theory, most spam sources will not retry.

Message Certification

When a message is certified, you can be sure it was sent from a source someone else says is trustworthy. Certified messages can be exempt from spam scanning.

Backscatter Protection

Prevents receiving irritating bounce messages from messages you did not send.

Message Scoring

Each domain can refuse, quarantine or tag messages based on customisable score thresholds.

Anti-Virus Tools

SecurityGateway uses a combination of two very different but trusted virus engines, kept up to date by automatic updates at regular intervals. Flexible configuration options enable users to choose whether viruses are refused or quarantined for later review on a per-domain basis.

Clam AntiVirus

ClamAV is a well trusted open source anti-virus engine, designed especially for e-mail scanning on mail gateways. Benefiting from a comprehensive up to the minute virus definition database, ClamAV provides accurate detection and also scalable performance.

Kasperksy AV (ProtectionPlus add-on required)

Choose to add another layer of defense against viruses by complimenting ClamAV with Kasperksy's award-winning antivirus software. Protect your Exchange or SMTP server from trojans, spyware, rootkits and other malicious programs. Reactive detection methods are combined with proactive technologies to provide balanced and effective security, while automatic updates ensure uninterrupted protection and complete peace of mind.

Anti-Spoofing Tools

An impressive range of cutting edge technology such as DKIM and SPF combine to ensure that any message sender is who they say they are, preventing spammers from forging the origin of messages.

DKIM (DomainKeys Identified Mail)

The result of collaboration from both Alt-N Technologies and a number of other key industry players including Cisco, Yahoo! and Verisign, DKIM provides a method for validating a domain name identity through encryption. Messages are sent with a digital 'fingerprint', which is then validated upon receipt to confirm the signer's identity and to ensure the message was not tampered with during transit over the Internet.

Sender Policy Framework (SPF)/Sender ID

Both of these security protocols are designed to detect spoofed email address using IP-based or path-based methods.

Reverse Lookups

This feature checks the IP address of whichever server is sending you a message and cross-references it with details held about the domain on global DNS servers.

Call Back Verify

This security option asks the sending server to verify the existence of the sending account before accepting the message.

Email Authentication

Incorporates current authentication techniques used to validate and sign messages to minimize the receipt of possible spam messages.

Anti-Abuse Tools

SecurityGateway for Exchange/SMTP contains a multitude of tools to detect and prevent the unauthorised use of your email server. [more...]

Relay Control

Relay control limits authorised senders to those with email accounts only.

SMTP Authentication

Specify that users must authenticate with a username and password in order to verify they have the authority to be sending messages through your server.

IP Shielding

IP Shielding works using a database containing pairs of domain names/IP addresses. If a message comes from one of the domain names in the database, SecurityGateway knows it must come from a matching IP address otherwise the message will be blocked.

Dynamic Screening

Dynamic Screening temporarily prevents connections by senders who exhibit spam-like behaviors.


This feature discourages spammers by slowing down their ability to send high volumes of messages to an email server within a specified length of time.

Bandwidth Throttling

Limit the amount of bandwidth you can afford to allocate to email services to avoid slowdown of other services sharing the same connection.

Attachment Filtering

This option quarantines messages containing specified types of attachments, such as Visual Basic scripts, executable programs and other user defined extensions.

Blacklists and whitelists

Global, domain-specific and account-specific white lists help make sure users receive messages from their regular correspondents. Black lists at these same levels can make sure they do not receive messages from specified domains and individual senders. Specify trusted senders by using their domain, email address, host name, or connecting IP address.

Policy Enforcement Tools

SecurityGateway incorporates the powerful SIEVE email filter language to minimize data leakage of sensitive or proprietary information, helping businesses adhere to both internal policies and industry regulations. With an intuitive GUI design, administrators can prioritise and customise the filtering process in order to better manage the ingoing and outgoing message flow. [more...]

Message content filter

llows the administrator to look for content within a message and take action based on the results.

Preset file types

Allows the administrator to tell SecurityGateway to block all attached video files, images, or executable files with one click.

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