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SecurityGateway for Exchange/SMTP Servers

Comprehensive protection for your Exchange/SMTP Server

Security Admin Reporting

Logs and Reporting

SecurityGateway for Exchange and SMTP Servers provides a range of powerful reporting features designed with busy administrators in mind.

A dashboard view hosts a selection of flash-based real-time graphs to provide an at-a-glance overview of email activity, while all graphs are clickable making it quick and easy to drill down and perform more detailed analysis when required.

Where's my email?

Never be in the dark again. SecurityGateway enables you to quickly identify whether your user's mail has been delivered, quarantined or rejected, and identify mail traffic patterns and potential problems.


The reporting functions of SecurityGateway for Exchange/SMTP are designed to provide easy-to-use, at a glance identification of trends and potential issues. Each report contains clickable points with links to message logs.

In addition to troubleshooting, administrators of SecurityGateway for Exchange/SMTP can use the information in these reports to fine-tune security filter settings such as whitelists and blacklists to help assure the accurate identification of unwanted and legitimate email. Report options include:

Summary Report

  • Extensive Search/Filter Options
  • Inbound vs. Outbound Traffic
  • Junk Email Breakdown
  • Bandwidth Utilization

Separate Inbound and Outbound Email Reports

  • Total Number of Messages Processed
  • Top Email Recipients by Number of Messages
  • Top Email Recipients by Message Size

Anti-Spam Report

  • Top Spam Senders by Domain
  • Top Spam Recipients by User

Anti-Virus Report

  • Inbound/Outbound Blocked
  • Inbound/Outbound by Virus Name

System Logs

Color-coded displays highlight a variety of common, uniquely identifiable information about each message for easy analysis and action.

Easy-to-use logs help find any quarantined messages and help assure their ultimate delivery. Information in the logs can also be used to help adjust global, domain and account-level configurations to make the gateway more accurate.

Logging options include:

Global Message Log

View information about all messages that have come in or out of the server (including failed delivery attempts).

Domain Message Log

View information about all messages that have come in or out of the server for the selected domain.

Quarantined Message Queue

Understand which messages have been quarantined due to policy, abuse, or viruses.

Historical Logs

Searchable information to assist in detailed analysis of inbound and outbound message activity.

Options include:

  • Configurable Log Retention
  • Systems Logs
  • Inbound Logs
  • Outbound Logs
  • HTTP Logs

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